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About the Tapes

I have chosen to professionally record: "My Women's Mythical Liberation Tales" and "Liberation Psychology: Calling for Revolution Not Reform."


My Women's Mythical Liberation Tales

Tales are meant to be heard, so I hope that these tapes will have an added impact on the listener. I chose to write liberation tales because I wanted the power of metaphor and myth to inspire and move us to choose intimacy forged out of integrity, fairness, and accountability. Liberation Psychology frees us to choose integrity and to live committed to the discipline and courage it exacts and to savor the freedom and fairness it provides. The women in these tales move from victimhood and oppression to stature and liberation, a profoundly difficult and rewarding journey. I hope they move you as well.

  This is a two tape set:
    Tape 1: Introduction, She, I Am Who I Am, Her Fear, Leaving, Silently Nothing, The Fist.
    Tape 2: My Rage, The Shamed, Her Tears, Love and Innocence.
  Price: Two tape set: $25


Liberation Psychology: Calling for Revolution Not Reform

This paper lends itself to be heard, since it was written to be delivered on the 20th anniversary of Women's Workshop.


Price: $10

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