Using the Power of Words as Weapons or as Tools
© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD

Words as Weapons Words as Tools
to embarrass to communicate
to humiliate to express
to put down to discover
to belittle to confront
to hurt to inform
to anger to demand
to taunt to share
to defeat to join
to blame to clarify
to accuse to correct
to bully to understand
to frighten to be understood
to intimidate to illustrate
to control to separate
to force to describe
to prove to orient
to trick to entertain
to entrap to engage
to mislead to lead
to lure to guide
to discourage to teach
to undermine to prove
to deceive to inspire
to lie to encourage
to manipulate to comfort
to confuse to touch
to rile up to support
to turn against to assure
to prevent to invite
to attack to protest
to counterattack to persuade
to judge to reconcile
to imprison to protect
to wage war to liberate

How powerful are you with words? Which words as weapons do you use? Why? Which words as tools do you use? What will it take in order for you to be more powerful with words as tools?

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