The Relief of Feeling Alert and Renewed

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


July 25, 2000

Yesterday brought fog and sleepiness. Today you awoke renewed and alert. What a relief and what a gift. In the fog of disconnection and drowsiness, there is an alienation and fear at the lack of any ability to connect. Of course that triggers fear and discomfort. So, today's alertness is even more treasured after yesterday's fog. But, even more treasured is that you dealt with yesterday with such integrity. You yielded to it, acknowledged it, dealt with it, and today you reap from it. Such an encouragement, to actually experience the relief of being alert and renewed, and know that it's the result of a union of body and psyche relating with integrity. You must listen to your body, treat its messages respectfully, and then make a decision as to how you are going to respond to the information.

This team effort, this partnership is a living example of body informing and being informed by spirit and spirit informing and being informed by body. Nothing is more intimate than that. Nothing is more liberating. Yesterday disconnction and alienation. Today intimacy and liberation. Let us celebrate the powerful effects of integrity and intimacy. It is no accident you feel the relief of being alert and renewed today. You participated in your own liberating process with integrity. Encephalitis was an unfortunate random act. Post-encephalitis is a series of deliberate choices. What a relief to realize you are in charge of your life and how you choose to live it.

"I have the will to tke back my life,
Not fear what it demands of me.
I want to cherish what I share
And choose with whom I share
I wnt to live with intimacy
I want to live with care.

I will not live in doubt and fear
Paralyzed by worry and by dread.
I dare to dream and hope for more.
I choose desire, instead."

("Her Fear", Michele Toomey)

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