Daring to go to Yale-New Haven Hospital for Observation and Monitoring

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


October 2, 2000

It is almost two years since you were struck with encephalitis and spent 7 weeks in the hospital either in a coma or in deep sleep. This is your first experience of being hospitalized since then. We are all apprehensive. I have tried to build in protection with my power of attorney. Betsy and Helen are coming with us as you enter the hospital. Ginny organized your "stuff" and left us all lists, so you could be surrounded by treasured resources while you are so confined and under the hospital's mandates. We are ready, but still it is so loaded with emotions. The past trauma haunting our unconscious and triggering our fears, is palpable. But, through it all, is the commitment and courage of all of us, to give you your best chance at a meaningful life that isn't more work than it has to be. If you can sleep more easily through the night, it will be worth it. If you are not at risk from memory lapses, it will be worth it. And if we discover this is the way it is and we must deal with it, we will, and it will be worth it. We 5, You, Helen, I, Betsy and Ginny are together daring to entrust you to Yale-New Haven. You will be alone but not alone. We will be with you in spirit and carry you in our hearts. And, of course, I will be very attentive and connected to the hospital and the doctors and exacting of their accountability. So, we dare even as we fear. And we love you.

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