Reflecting on the Millennium New Year

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


December 26, 2000

How do time and timelessness meet? How do literal and spiritual relate? Millennium Christmas solar eclipse and millennium Christmas memory eclipse. They meet, they cross paths, they move on. How they relate is something else. We become a factor of any relationship, affecting the meaning, the orientation, the reaction, the response. So, we ask, what is our relationship to the millennium New Year? One thing is very sure, we should note it, mark it, embrace it and reflect on it.

Where does it find you and how does it find you? Where have you been and where are you going? It would seem that it finds you committed to the journey of integrity, intimacy and fairness. As you come back from the near dead to the liberated living, you are the best you've ever been and in the hardest place you 've ever been. You are, it seems, living at the essence of paradox. An extremely taxing and challenging existence that calls forth the need for essential truth at every turn.

You cannot pretend or you will lose your way. For there to be a meeting of the millennium, at the millennium, with the millennium, you must be present, at the intersection, where truth and fairness meet. Your only enemy is pretense. Your only protection, the truth. The millennium New Year finds you needing to be a purist...not a perfectionist...but a purist. There's a big difference. A perfectionist is up tight, fearful, can't ever be free. A purist is enlightened, eager and free to use the tuning fork of integrity and enjoy the liberating movement of on-going tuning of herself, by herself, with herself and for herself. A purist chooses to live in tune with integrity and is secure in its power to protect, guide and liberate.

So, reflecting on the millennium New Year brings us to reflect on the timelessness of truth and the timeliness of truth.

"No longer dulled by hiding.
No longer caught in lies.
No longer governed by her fear,
Her clarity and insight
Caught her by surprise.

Her image of herself grew full.
She became all that she knew,
In awe and wonder
She stood up,
A woman, tall and true.

The energy created
Was more intense than she
Had ever felt.
But it brought no anxiety
And certainly no fear.

There were no loud explosions
That shatter and destroy
Instead the energy
Brought strength and power,
The power of her fire.
She had confronted fear
And it had yielded to desire.

By trusting in her own true self
She'd learned to deal with fear.
She was a match
For anyone.
She could deal with anything.
She'd shape her destiny
In every way she could.

She'd deal with what fate brought.
She would no longer hide and run.
Living her life
Is what she sought.

One thing was certain now
And emblazoned on her heart.
She would not cringe in fear
Nor would she blow apart.
Her choices would
Reflect her truth.
She'd not sell out again.
She knew her time had come."

from "Her Fear", Michele Toomey
Happy Millennium New Year!
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