A Dramatic/Traumatic Turning Point

© 2002 Michele Toomey, PhD


November 11, 2002

No one until now has given any thought or care to your bodily spasms, wiredness, and recent torment. We now have someone in Dr. Ferreri who knows how to address electrical energy flow in the body. You are daring to undergo neural reorganization and it requires putting up with the many aspects of discomfort, insomnia and the insecurity it triggers. Do it with commitment, integrity and courage!! Every time you start to freak out or fear what's happening to your body, confront yourself and your fear. Do not hide behind it or whine about it. Stand up to it!

Nothing can be worse than the initial encephalitis. You weathered that and have worked your buns off to come back from it. But, at times you can become an "old lady", whining about your bodily aches and victimized by your fears. You can't succumb to that wimpy state. It lacks integrity. The success of this technique is dependent on the attitude you bring to it. You must yield to the reorganization of the chaotic electrical static that has been devastating your life and the bodily misalignment that has triggered such pain. Allow it to be reorganized and line your attitude up with the process. You are not a sick, disabled old woman, victimized by a virus!! You are a brave, creative, committed woman daring to try an unorthodox technique. Pay the price and reap the reward.

The paradox before you currently is that of a brain injured woman with a daring woman: victim or valiant, wimpy or strong, fearful or courageous, wanting sympathy or wanting respect. In the reconciliation of these paradoxical states, be caring and tender to the fearful, victimized, wimpy woman, and look to the valiant, strong, courageous one to lovingly reassure her and bring her willingly along.

It is no joke not to have slept much last night, but it is understandable. Your system is struggling to reorganize even as it is damaged. But, it won't kill you and it's the price you're paying for being freed from the spasms, pain and wiredness. Small price, really. You are on your way to a better state. Go for it. Embrace it. Pay for it. Gladly!!

I admire you and I admonish you. You need to make a choice and live out of it. Courage or fear. Integrity or manipulation. In reality, it's a very easy choice. You'd never knowingly choose the later. It snuck up on you over time. Enough already. The time is now! Truly, carpe diem!!! If you're journeying with me, make the choice. I'm not interested in traveling with a victim, and. I know you aren't either. So, my dear, shut up and do it!!

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