A Closer Look at Integrity

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


August 2, 2000

By definition, integrity is honesty and truthfulness, and it is wholeness and oneness. In the psychological world that translates into being truthful about ourselves, what's happening to us, what reaction we're having, where it takes us, what associations we're making, what we're thinking and feeling. Then it means choosing how to express these truths fairly and respectfully, and how to act and take actions that are true to them. A very complex process that leads us to being able to live with integrity, that then yields the other definition of integrity, wholeness and oneness. The result is a liberated system, free to relate to ourselves and others with integrity. The one vehicle it needs in order to maintain this integrity is accountability. That and its companion, confrontation, complete the circle and we are safe, whole, guided by and living in integrity. Whole and at one with a system in place, we are psychologically liberated. Integrity is our beacon, our friend, our guide, our protector, our exactor. Let's hear it for integrity.

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