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April 23, 2002

Your journals represent your diligence, commitment, perseverance,integrity and intelligence that frees you to live on a spiritual, intellectual, emotional level that people would die for! Your capacity to embrace essence and truth and live out of it has not been diminished. Accessing that capacity is the issue and the difficulty since the brain injury. You have to overcome many limitations and struggle to break through many obstacles, before you can even begin to have the capacity available to you. but, you do all the work to get to the clearing, and once there, you reverently embrace the sacredness of that place and try to live out of it. I admire you so much and I applaud your Herculean effort as I join you in that place of integrity where, as you so often say, "Where truth and fairness meet."

We meet there every session. I'm sure that's why you wanted a picture of us sitting across from each other in the office. You pay the price to have the capacity to embrace essential truth. What higher standard than that is ours to embrace?

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