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December 4, 2002

The transition through this neurological reorganization is painful and hard, but it is the only pathway through the immobility and pain. so you, have the option of not doing the treatment and just enduring your condition, or going through the treatment and enduring the transition, in order to come out the other side. A no brainer, really. Of course you choose to go through it. However, that means "screwing your courage to the sticking point" and moving through the immobility and pain. Remember, pain will not kill you and pain is not something to fear. Rather, pain is telling you something you need to know. Your body is having a hard time. Know that, register that and respect that. With strength, conviction and caring, embrace the pain and push through it respectfully and determinedly. You cannot "wimp out" or "give in to fear and anxiety." It's not warranted. It hurts your chances of recovery. It increases the cost unnecessarily and it just gets in your way. As challenging as this time is, remember, it's full of Hope. So just do it, do it, do it, and shut up about it. This journey is not for wimps.

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