Containing Runaway Energy

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


August 2, 2000

There is a way that energy is such a paradoxical dilemma for you. Either you have so little you sleep alot or you are in a twilight zone or just can't get yourself to do certain things. Or, you are so wired you become obsessive-compulsive. Fortunately, as we continue to work, you are developing a gear that has rhythm and stride which operates automatically within certain limits and boundaries. However, relative to wired runaway energy, it seems that the best and most effective approach is to come to a complete stop. The entire system needs to shut down. The motor needs to be shut off, no electricity allowed until the system is in charge of the flow. It's too strong to contain when it's so hyped-up. It needs to be cut off from its source completely. So, the awareness of runaway, wired energy must trigger an awareness to stop completely and not start up again until you are in charge.

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