The Price of Brain Damage Revisited

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


September 22, 2000

Unfortunately, your brain plays tricks on you. It tells you your safety is in taking care of every loose end it thinks of, and not letting go of it until it's done. Then, with little or no reprieve, it's on to the next thing that, if done, will give you security and relief. It also is only capable of handling the feeling and events of the moment. That means it becomes simplistic and reductionistic often, leaving you unaware of the other events and feelings from the past that are relevant to the context of what is going on at the moment.

This condition is very tiring, stressful and relentless. We must continue to work to discover how to put up a protective barrier to prevent the unlimited search for relief through another plan or another task. At present, I only know to tell you to follow my lead. You must yield to my determination of boundary even when you feel driven. I will give you the greatest latitude possible but, for now, you've got to learn to conform and obey. (Hmm and I took a vow of obedience!)

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