The Inner Joy of Journeying Well

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


August 3, 2000

Constancy, vigilance, perseverance, discipline, commitment are called for at every turn. There is an unlimited demand for attentiveness at every turn. The damaged brain is struggling to re-wire and to continue to provide the needed circuitry for life. You are struggling to be its creatively involved partner holding up your end in this rehabilitation process. It is relentless. And yet, there are those moments of intimacy where you and your brain are one. Together you pull off another electrical surge, another mis-fire, another spasm, another build-up of pressure. It subsides, you are relieved, you have journeyed well together once more. There is a joy. Faithful and true, you are partners in a way no one can ever fathom but you, and that brings a smile.

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