Yielding's Gift

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


Aug. 14, 2000

The paradoxical quality of yielding makes it a unique force in our lives. It also makes it a rather rare occurence, since yielding requires us to go against our initial response. In order to experience the gift of yielding we must stop "doing" and allow ourselves to "be." In the "being" we are in a position to yield, to allow our system to receive and let in. This yielding, this letting in, brings forth the paradoxical dimension of yielding, the reaping, the bringing forth. Not a cognitive act.

To learn how to yield is to learn to use one of the greatest capacities we have available to us. If we yield:

  • We can experience rest and relaxation so we can be rejuvenated.
  • We can experience an openness to self-reflection that brings forth insights and creativity.
  • Other dimensions of our mind can be freed up to come forth and be available to us.

Liberation psychology is dependent on yielding. It is a pre-requisite for freedom, integrity and intimacy.

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