The Capacity to Savor and Embrace

© 2001 Michele Toomey, PhD


June 5, 2001

Memory Loss and brain damage can lead to emotional limitation and distress. The capacity to savor and emotionally embrace an experience is sophisticated. When you first awakened after your coma, you were frightened easily, yet, unaware of any real danger, you were disoriented and frustrated, yet, eager and pleasant, you were out of touch with how you felt, yet, overwhelmed by the physical and mental challenges facing you, your eyes were empty and your face unresponsive, yet, you smiled and tried very hard.

In every way you were struggling to reconnect with yourself, but in every way your paradoxical sides were at odds. Nothing was reconciled with anything. Your psychological state mirrored your physiological brain injured state. Disconnection, fragmentation, jolting spasmodic periods interspersed with vacant non-responsive blanks cycled in and around you. But gradually, over time, the capacity to process thoughts and feelings began to return. The musings began to provide you with a vehicle to travel around in, at a smoother pace, and with an access to essential truth. Reconciled paradox became a possibility. Eventually you moved to almost devouring the musings. You had them laminated. You hold them tightly to your chest. You read them throughout the day. You become one with them and in that union you gain access to savoring the essential truth they capture. In the savoring you embrace this truth and ultimately it allows you to embrace yourself. True psychological liberation and the ultimate intimacy.

Now, rather than being confined by the limitation of brain damage, you have a depth of knowing, feeling and being that escapes most folk. You have surpassed your impaired capacity and travelled to your core. If you can take up residence there, you will live from essence and move in and out with integrity as your constant companion, as a liberated woman, at one with herself and her truth.

The capacity to savor and embrace essential truth allows you to stay connected to yourself and your life as a woman of depth and inspiration. Your limitations pale in the presence of your depth of capacity to savor and embrace essential truth and reconciled paradox. You are more even as you are less. We rejoice with you even as we cry. We follow even as we lead.

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