The Guidelines for Living Out of the Musings

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


September 12, 2000

  1. To help you sustain a sense of rhythm and pacing when you do tasks around the house, use your earphones and have soothing, rhythmic music playing in your ears.
  2. When you wake at 1 a.m. or around that early morning time, when everyone else is asleep and that's what you wish you were, take the time to tell yourself you're sorry. Allow the caring to envelop you and sink into your being. Before you try taking a long, hot bath to relax or even before playing soft music or reading, take a fair amount of time to care and comfort yourself. That tone, that feeling, that aura, should provide the soothing blanket you desire as you spend these early hours awake. They will be at least restful and intimate.
  3. When you begin a task, do not stop until it is completed. No new task can come between you and the completion of your first task. Leave nothing scattered around the house. Now that you are able to really register and see when you look, do a visual check before you stop.
  4. Before starting your car, look at the seat next to you and be sure your pocketbook with your license is next to you on that seat. Do not drive off until it's there.
  5. During the day, take several relaxing, connecting breaks for yoga, yoga breathing, tai chi, listening to music or just deep breathing and relaxation. It will help prevent the build-up and winding up of wired energy within your system.
  6. Never start your day before 7 a.m. The early hours must be considered rest time and intimate time of being, not doing. Your day is too long if it begins at 2 a.m. as a day of doing.
  7. Jerking and scurrying need to give way to deliberate movement with focused attention on starting, moving and stopping.
  8. Always you are trying to be present to yourself, how you're feeling and what you're doing and how you're doing it.
Generally, you are being asked to be meditative, reflective and deliberate. Even memory eclipses need to be incorporated into your overall approach to life, to yourself, to your electrical energy. Intimately grounded in yourself, you will be secure and at one. That is the ultimate safety and peace.


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