The Intense Struggle to Find a Sense of Well Being

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


June 15, 2000

Amidst bodily discomfort, brain dysfunction, and intense agitation, you struggle to find security, safety, well-being and peace. Is there a more difficult task? I think not.

How to yield without giving up, how to try without pushing beyond endurance, how to search for understanding without chasing yourself around in circles? That is the dilemma. Always a dilemma. Never real respite. Always one more problem, one more set back, one more river to cross.

Where then is the relief? Where then is the hope? Only in the integrity of the struggle and in the integrity of the process. Please shine on us and through this morass. Be our beacon of hope. Hang on to INTEGRITY as if your life depended on it. It does.

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