Proclaim It to the World

© 2001 Michele Toomey, PhD


April 10, 2001

Brain injury would, and does, make some withdraw and stay apart and within. Some would do everything they could to appear "normal" and "the same", pretending they were not struggling to remember, to sustain, to attend. Not you. You stand erect, look the world in the eye, and not only claim your brain injury, you proclaim it. Whether they want to know or not, you advise them of your potential problem, whether you won't remember their name, might not remember their face, can't remember how to get where you're going, or just may have trouble sustaining the focus on the activity.

The musings I write for you are on the internet for all to read. Friends wonder why you are so exposed. They want to protect you by silencing you. Not a protection, you say. You are proud of your work, our work, your courage, your doggedness, your commitment to not only surviving herpes simplex encephalitis, but living a life of intimacy and integrity, a fulfilling life. And a life with a mission. Share with others, especially the brain injured and the aging who must also deal with memory issues, how liberation psychology has the potential to allow them to re-claim what they've lost and maximize it. There is no self-pity, no giving in to despair, no withering on the vine. There is renewed commitment every day to doing everything you can to stretch, re-train, ground yourself, and maximize your capacity to have a meaningful life. Then, proclaim it to the world. You want to be known and heard. For that to happen, you have to expose, speak out and invite those who will listen, to respect, value and embrace what you have come to believe is the cornerstone for life, integrity, intimacy, fair play and caring. So, proclaim it you do. Liberation psychology has never had a more devoted student or more committed spokesperson. The world would do well to listen to you. Even your neurologist says you do not act like your x-rays look. You are maximizing everything, even your forum as a brain injured woman who has not been done in by the tragedy. Good for you. You are a great example. They would do well to listen.

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