The Joy of Reaping from Hard Work

© 2000 Michele Toomey, PhD


August 11, 2000

Encephalitis is such a costly disease. It makes everything that was automatic become deliberate. It ruins much of what was taken for granted, and makes it unavailable. It demands that the body become the loudest factor and the dominant voice. Nowhere is anything the same, and nothing is easy. Everything, everything, everything is hard.

Having said that, there is a wonderful caveat and that is the fact that the integrity of the mind/body relationship provides a way for dealing with the catastrophic effects of encephalitis and restoring them to their natural rhythm. Currently, you are reaping from all the hard work, creative thinking and constant vigilance. Sleep is bcoming an available commodity, memory can be jogged, vision is actually becoming a tool fo locating things, energy is available and not depleted before you begin, your desire to be mentally challenged is back, your recovery feels more like a recovery and less like an ongoing process of atrophy. There is reason to rejoice. Alleluia! There is a joy to be felt, to be embraced, and to be known. Some things feel like a miracle. This feels like a blessing. Both are the outgrowth of the integrity of our work and of our natural integrity as a human being with a spirit, mind, body connection. Let us rejoice!

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